BorthyCover – extreme long lasting surface protection

BorthyCover – innovation on porous surfaces

Patented concrete surface coating technology

  • Eliminates corrosion caused by aggressive substances like hydrogen sulfide
  • Deep penetration in the surface structure
  • Permanent protection in aggressive environments
  • Competitive production price
  • Long-lasting lifespan

Concrete pipes are exposed to acids and compounds from sources such as sulphur and bacteria.

BorthyCover is specifically designed to protect the surface area of concrete and effectively seal its structure, thus increasing durability and resilience against bacteria and acid substances.

BorthyCover consists of a polymer primer with glass split down to nano fragments.

BorthyCover uses pressure to fuse the primer with the surface structure of the concrete, creating a coating, which is significantly more resilient than comparable products. BorthyCover is produced with cost efficiency, enabling us to deliver the product at competitive prices without compromising the quality.

Life expectancy is increased greatly when applying the coating to the concrete pipes. In addition to expanding lifespan, the flow is increased to levels obtained with PVC-products.