Background – our story in brief

A Danish innovator and concrete technician, Lars Borthy, searched for decades for permanent protection to concrete surfaces. Many ideas and solutions were tested without achieving the desired result. When Lars accidentally received a medical journal in his hands, he read an article about how scientists had developed artificial skin for fire burns treatment, which, by means of nanotechnology, united with the body’s natural skin. This brought him on the trail of a solution based on nanotechnology. The result was a coating method that provides extreme protection BorthyCover.

Innovation – a long and costly process

Private investors and BOREAN Innovation (formerly know as Innovation Midtvest) financed the development. Key players in the concrete pipe and manhole markets, precast producers, suppliers of industrial spraying equipment and leading experts in industrial coatings assisted in the process.

The result is a very unique coating – both the composite material and the application process are protected by patents. Today the intellectual properties are held by a Danish company, Borthy Cover.