Fully customized visual appearance and significantly improved hydraulic properties

Sealer and topcoat

The sealer is a main factor making BorthyCover unique. Nano particles in the compound ensures extreme adhesion and fills the microscopic pores of the surface. In many cases the sealer alone will provide sufficient and long-lasting protection of the surface.

The optional topcoat provides extra strength in addition to a variety of options regarding the visual appearance of the final product.

The color of your choice

BorthyCover is delivered as transparent or in any RAL color of your choice. The finish can be matte or glossy. Your choice of color may depend on specific demands, esthetics and/or practical usage. In pipeline systems and storm drains where video inspections are performed, a light gray appears to be the favorite choice. We therefore suggest RAL 7035 for wastewater systems in general.

If you produce fiber cement facade panels or concrete roof tiles BorthyCover will give your customer an endless variety of options and combinations regarding color and finish.

A smoother surface

The topcoat increases the surface by approx. 500μ and leaves a smooth end result. The hydraulic properties are in general greatly improved and increases the flow speed and capacity.